Preventing and Addressing Child Trafficking Consultant Team

A Survivor Informed Approach

About the PACT Consultant Team

The Preventing and Addressing Child Trafficking (PACT)  Project began in 2014 with a mission to engage county child welfare agencies and their multidisciplinary partners in the implementation of a statewide, integrated, and adaptable model of cross-coordination. 

PACT’s collaborative platform, including 44 member agencies, pioneered a valuable peer network with a shared goal to improve outcomes for vulnerable children and youth at risk of, or experiencing human trafficking.

Partnership with those with lived experience remains a central tenet of our work and we are pleased to introduce our PACT Consultant Team who offer customized technical assistance, training and linkages through a survivor informed approach. 

This assistance strengthens the capacity of county agencies receiving SB 855 CSEC Program allocations to effectively collaborate, reducing barriers to service delivery. 

*Counties that have opted out of the PACT Project or do not receive SB 855 allocations may inquire about the availability of our network to receive referrals to support identified needs.

Who Participates in the PACT Consultant Team?

PACT is intentional about promoting diverse human trafficking survivor perspectives and is geographically representative of California. PACT Consultants have a wide range of experiences and subject matter knowledge. View a list of our PACT Consultants and their bios HERE.

What are PACT’s Consultant Requirements?

PACT Consultants must submit an application and go through a peer interview process prior to participating in the PACT Consultant Network. PACT hosts monthly peer check-in’s to promote personal growth and provides opportunity for continued professional development. In linking PACT Consultants to technical assistance or training requests, PACT employs a strengths-based approach to consider an individual’s expertise, experience, and skill set. 

All PACT Staff and Consultant Team Members have engaged in prior personal healing and received training on trauma informed practice and self-care strategies.

Support the PACT Consultant Team Can Provide

The scope of work for PACT Consultants must relate to strengthening the capacity of county-level SB 855 CSEC Programs. Should a request with a partnering agency fall outside of the scope of PACT’s work, we will provide referrals to consultants who may be able to support the identified community need.

PACT Consultants:

Provide feedback on the creation and/or revision of program related documents, curriculum, awareness materials and more

Participate in focus groups or program evaluations

Provide virtual or in person training

Offer program coaching or case consultation

Participate in a steering committee, work-group, coalition or taskforce

The CDSS has confirmed this is an approved CSEC allocation expense.

Please email us at to inquire about no-cost or reduced rate consultation reserved for counties with limited financial resources.

Cost for Consultation or Training

PACT currently is funded by the CDSS CSEC Program Appropriation. PACT Consultants are compensated by CFPIC to support regional or statewide webinars, attend and participate in PACT Regional Cohort Meetings, advise on project development, and serve on regional workgroups. Participating counties benefit from these opportunities at no-cost. 

County-level customized consultation or training requests may be provided by the PACT Consultants at the agreed upon network rates (See below). Depending on your county’s requirements, you may provide PACT Consultants with a stipend, enter into an ongoing contract or CFPIC may invoice you directly. 

The CDSS has confirmed this is an approved CSEC allocation expense. Please email us at to inquire about no-cost or reduced rate consultation reserved for counties with limited financial resources.

The PACT Consultant Network has an agreed upon rate of $75 per hour for consultation requests that support capacity building for  SB 855 Programming for county child welfare agencies participating in PACT Regional Cohorts.


PACT Consultants maintain autonomy to set individual rates when fulfilling a referral request outside of the scope of the PACT Project.

The cost for specialized county level training and webinars varies based on the type of training, training duration, or number of presenters. 

Actual rate will be determined in coordination with the assigned PACT Consultant. Billing may include time needed for preparation, communication and any travel reimbursements, as applicable.

How to Request Consultation or Training

Fill out PACT’s Training and Technical Assistance Request Form. After receiving your request a PACT Staff member will connect with you to clarify the scope of work and link you to a PACT Consultant/s, based on your need and the availability of our network.

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A  PACT staff member will coordinate based on the preferred  method of compensation for your county agency. PACT’s administrative support serves to minimize the negotiating of finances and clarifies expectations for all parties. The PACT Staff Team will also support PACT Consultants in submission of timely invoices, the tracking of hours, and any administrative details.