Statewide Linkages Toolkit

Here you’ll find guidance, tips and suggestions from the field, all designed to help you establish, upgrade or sustain Linkages in your county.

Linkages in California

Families facing poverty and child maltreatment are in crisis. Our separate service systems are often at cross-purposes, compromising our ability to serve children and families well. By Child Welfare Services and CalWORKs working together, children and families can be safer, stronger and more economically self-sufficient.

What You’ll Find Here

Eight toolkits offer recommendations, guidelines, information and samples useful for counties interested in Linkages. Each toolkit contains overview information, suggested steps, items to consider and success stories from for participating counties.

How the Toolkit Can Help

The experience of more than 30 counties operating Linkages has highlighted essential ingredients for successful service coordination. Taken together, these elements help counties launch, revitalize or improve their Linkages programs.

Where to Start

If you’re a county considering bringing Linkages on board, start by familiarizing yourself with the overall flow of the toolkits, dive deep into the Definitional Toolkit then proceed through the toolkits in order. If Linkages is up and running in your county, find the toolkit that best matches where you need refinements or fresh ideas.


This section describes the fundamentals of Linkages to start you on the right track.

This toolkit helps you determine whether your county is ready for service collaboration between CalWORKs and Child Welfare Services, what type of Linkages program best fits your service environment and how to get Linkages up and running.

Helps you determine the best curriculum to use to train your county’s staff for Linkages.

This toolkit helps you measure the success of your Linkages program.

This toolkit contains a packet of communications materials that counties can use to convey a common message about the value, purpose and impact of Linkages.

This toolkit helps counties in their strategic and cost-effective delivery of services, permitting greater opportunity to leverage additional services with saved general funds.

This toolkit introduces approaches to integrating Linkages into regular business in a sustainable way.