Tips for Communicating

Customize to Meet Your Needs

Many of the communication materials that have been developed can be customized with information about strategies and activities in individual counties. We encourage you to make these materials “your own” and have provided materials in both pdf and word document forms. The Linkages brochure, in particular, has been created as an electronic template and is very easy to customize and use. Please use it to highlight successful Linkages strategies in your county and add local staff and parent quotes to help make the connection for others about the difference that Linkages makes.

Disseminate Broadly

Consider the many opportunities for sharing communication materials with county staff and community partners. Use the materials to get the word out on collaboration, to address barriers that may exist in your county and to promote your good work. While agency staff are the primary audience for these materials, many can also be used with policymakers, stakeholders and the families that CalWORKs and Child Welfare programs serve.

Use in Staff Orientations and Trainings

Staff orientations and trainings provide excellent opportunities for helping others understand the benefits of Linkages collaboration between programs. Joint and cross trainings, in particular, offer the chance to focus on the specific activities that supervisors, staff and others can take to support collaboration. The Collaboration Checklist specifies what staff at various levels can do, and the 2010 “The Linkages Challenge” video gives voice to families in two counties whose lives have been profoundly changed as a result of Linkages. Use these materials to support collaboration and share your passion for what is possible when programs come together to support families.