Definitional Toolkit

This section describes the fundamentals of Linkages to start you on the right track.

Linkages can take many forms and accommodate a wide array of practice environments. While there are a variety of Linkages programs, some key elements characterize the most successful service coordination efforts. Whether you’re just starting out with a new Linkages initiative or refining an existing program, it’s important to understand the scope, purpose and context for the type of Linkages program that works best for the goals you want to achieve, the clients you want to serve and the results you want to accomplish.

About Linkages

What exactly is Linkages? This section offers an operational definition of Linkages and describes the rationale for why embarking on this service coordination initiative is beneficial to families.

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Understanding the Linkages Logic Model

What’s the theory behind Linkages? Learn about the details of the Linkages Model, both from a systems perspective and from a family/staff point of view.

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What Makes Linkages: Key Ingredients

What is fundamental to a Linkages program? Counties with established Linkages programs have helped highlight the key elements that make Linkages Linkages.

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