Sustainability Toolkit

This toolkit introduces approaches to integrating Linkages into regular business in a sustainable way.

Why Sustain Linkages?

Service collaboration between Child Welfare Services and CalWORKs is a relatively new concept. Linkages as a program exists without centralized funding, staffing or other resources. To keep it going as a viable way of doing business, it takes vigilance and careful planning to continue serving mutual families through a strong service partnership between CalWORKs and Child Welfare Services. Regular assessment of Linkages implementation progress, followed by appropriate refinements and strategies for growth, will help sustain Linkages over time.

Sustaining Collaboration

Work Planning to Sustain Linkages

The key to sustaining Linkages is to institutionalize it as a “Way of Doing Business”. This means incorporating Linkages into the philosophical, operational, organizational, leadership and fiscal aspects of your service environment. Sustaining Linkages also requires internal integration with agency/program goals, practice model, staff development and externally through social marketing, community resource partnerships and budget priorities. Follow the Road Map to guide you toward keeping Linkages going over time. Learn from the experience of other counties using the tips and resources included along the way.

Tips For Sustaining Linkages

Drawing from over 30 counties that have already implemented Linkages, there are plenty of lessons leaned about the pathways to follow and the pitfalls to avoid in building a Linkages program that lasts. Refer to this list of Top Ten Tips to guide your approach to keeping Linkages going for the long run.