Training Toolkit

This toolkit helps you determine the best curriculum to use to train your county’s staff for Linkages.

Why Train?

Linkages is a new way of doing business that hinges on collaboration. Training is an essential vehicle to ensure leaders, staff and partners are on the same page about the value, benefits and practices of Linkages. This toolkit contains the available training curricula that all counties can use to support their unique Linkages programs. Feel free to download and adapt any curricula linked to this toolkit; contact your local Regional Training Academy (RTA) about any of these trainings and to access curricula described but not linked to these pages.

Determine Your Training Needs

Consider the developmental stage of your Linkages implementation. Besides the introduction to Linkages that all staff will need when Linkages begins, there will be a need for specialized and advanced learning for subsets of staff and collaborative partners. Staff can also benefit from refresher training sessions as Linkages evolves over time. At every stage, consider who needs to be trained, on what they need training, at what point they should receive the training and with what materials.

Getting Started with Linkages

The first step in effective service collaboration is creating common understanding between the staff members who will be working together. This includes learning the basics about your partner’s program, followed by foundational training that reinforces the principles of Linkages.

Developing Collaborative Skills

Depending on the type of Linkages program you’ve decided to implement, you can choose from specific training modules that are designed to jointly train CalWORKs and child welfare staff to coordinate services for a particular target population.

Building Advanced Skills

Once your county’s Linkages program has been up and running for a while, you may be interested in developing staff skills in certain areas, or expanding the reach of your Linkages. Established Linkages counties over the years have requested or produced a varied selection of additional Linkages training curricula, from targeted skill building to new service populations.

What We’ve Learned About Training

Since over 30 counties have already trained their staff and implemented a Linkages program, there’s plenty of information collected about what’s recommended (and not recommended) around training for Linkages. Refer to this Top Ten List before you move into planning the training approach in your county.