We Are Hiring! Project Associate and Regional Coordinator Needed!

The Child and Family Policy Institute is currently looking to fill two positions. If you are interested in joining our team, read on!

Youth Engagement Project: Project Associate

The YEP Project Associate, under the supervision of the YEP Project Director and CFPIC Executive Team, provides support to counties and Youth Ambassadors as they work to implement YEP. The Project Associate provides technical assistance to counties regarding activities to support YEP, including youth recruitment, engagement and project development and implementation. Associate is expected to participate in regular virtual communication with Ambassadors that focuses on professional development, information sharing and cross-collaboration opportunities for youth and counties.
The YEP Project Associate is a full-time, remote position that requires someone with a high degree of initiative and time management.
Occasional travel to Sacramento for statewide meetings may be required. For more information on the position, including typical duties and the education and skills required, see the recruitment flyer.

Preventing and Addressing Child Trafficking: Regional Coordinator/Project Associate

The full time (30-35 hours per week) CFPIC Project Associate serving in the role as a PACT Regional Coordinator provides direct support to the Bay Area and Southern CA Region, resourcing county child welfare agencies as they implement a local child trafficking response. Project Associates work primarily remotely to complete assigned project tasks. As such, these positions require individuals with a high degree of initiative and time management skills.
To learn more about the requirements and typical duties associated with this position, view the recruitment flyer.

Citizen Review Panels Annual Report - Available Now!

2021-2022 California Citizen Review Panel Annual Report – view the latest annual report submitted to the California Department of Social Services. CFPIC and RDA Consulting thank all the panel members for their contributions to this report.

As you will read, there has been a great deal of activity over the past several months and we anticipate continuing as much, or more, work during the upcoming year.

We at CFPIC and RDA truly appreciate the opportunity to work with the Panel members, who are such dedicated volunteers in their efforts to assess and improve California's Child Welfare System.  We are privileged to be able to act as their facilitators and representatives as they strive to enhance the work of California's Child Welfare Community in improving the lives of California's most vulnerable children and families.

Learn. Connect. Model. Grow.

It's hard to believe that our efforts to design, develop and implement the California Child Welfare Core Practice Model began 10 years ago! In recognition of how far this work has come over the past decade, CFPIC commissioned the creation of a video to highlight what we have learned during this journey and to articulate the value of this important work. Over the summer we spoke with many of California's Child Welfare Directors about the evolution of CPM implementation in their counties and how utilizing the Practice Behaviors has guided their work to improve outcomes for children and families in their communities. This video consists of the key messages garnered from those conversations.

We would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to everyone who contributed to the creation of this milestone video, both behind the scenes and in front of the camera, as well as the extended network of Child Welfare Agencies, Tribes, community partners and families whose commitment to these shared values and beliefs have established the foundation for the CPM's success.

Click here to view CPM 2022: Learn. Connect. Model. Grow. 



All Together Now: National CRP Meeting Recap

CFPIC was honored to host the 2022 "All Together Now" National Citizen Review Panel Conference on May 23-25th at the Asilomar Conference Center in Pacific Grove, CA. 115 Citizen Review Panelists and Coordinators from 23 states attended to get inspired and learn about best practices from dynamic speakers, experts in the field, and one another. CFPIC would like to thank the National CRP Advisory Committee for all of their support in helping make this a successful event! 

Click here to view the conference program. You can click through on any of the agenda items to download the corresponding presentations and workshop materials.

March is Social Work Month!

CFPIC is proud to celebrate this year’s Social Work Month by recognizing those who have dedicated their careers to improving human well-being and work tirelessly to remove the barriers that prevent children, families and communities from reaching their full potential.

We look forward to taking some time this month to highlight some of the experiences of the many amazing social workers that we are lucky enough to have on staff here at CFPIC, so stay tuned!

Resources for Social Work Month:

The Time is Right for Social Work - theme and rational 2022


National Association of Social Workers California - News and Events


Foster Youth Bill of Rights 20th Anniversary Celebration

On May 27th, the Child and Family Policy Institute of California assisted the California Department of Social Services Office of the Ombudsperson in producing a virtual celebration in honor of the 20th anniversary of California's Foster Youth Bill of Rights. This special event featured speakers from current and former Ombudspersons and leaders, reflective panel discussions and informative stakeholder breakout sessions.

We are appreciative of everyone who was involved in putting on this celebration, and to all the participants from across the state to joined us to commemorate 20 years of the Foster Youth Bill of Rights. If you are interested, we have posted a video recording of the event, and all the resources shared during the breakout sessions below.

Foster Youth Bill of Rights 20th Anniversary Celebration Video

Breakout Groups:
Breakout Options Final

Transition Age Youth: Creating Your Own Path

ICWA and the Foster Youth Bill or Rights

CFTs and Case Plans
Presentation part 1, part 2, part 3

Dependency Court Process: Foster Children's Rights in Court

iFoster: Bridging the Digital Divide for CA Youth in Care
Presentation, iFoster Phones for Foster Youth