Resource Family Approval Program

CFPIC has also been an integral member of the leadership team that has guided the development and implementation of the state’s Resource Family Approval (RFA) program. CFPIC staff have supported the leadership team by creating and maintaining structured work plans, facilitating regular meetings, planning and facilitating cross-divisional retreats, and planning and implementing annual statewide convenings. In addition, CFPIC staff have facilitated a number of implementation planning workgroups, including the Out-of-County Protocol Workgroup and the Complaint Investigations Workgroup. CFPIC worked with CDSS in the development of an on-line RFA toolkit. CFPIC staff have also worked with Community Care Licensing and CFSD RFA Liaisons in conducting a large number of county RFA program reviews over the previous two years.

Cross-Systems CCR Support

In 2020 CFPIC led and facilitated a process, in partnership with state, county, and Regional Training Academy representatives, to sponsor two statewide and seven regional forums that brought together interdisciplinary teams to explore the successful county implementation of CANS (Child and Adolescent Needs and Services)-informed CFT’s (Child and Family Teams).  These forums were supplemented by county-specific mapping processes that helped county teams understand their existing processes with an eye to exploring ways to improve those processes.