Implementation Supports

Effective, Sustained Implementation Support is the final building block of CFPM implementation and system change. The building block ensures that all of the involved people, partners, processes and linkages are effectively working together to support implementation, promote system change and alignment, respond adaptively to challenges and needs, and ensure communication and feedback loops for effective sustained implementation support at all levels of the agency.

"If we only explore problems together, the problems become more complex and unmanageable.Exploring solutions and reflecting on what has worked tends to bring about more solutions."

-CFPM Engagement Liaison

Implementation support for the Practice Model is effective and sustainable when:

  1. Community and Tribal partners are continuously connected to and supporting implementation in meaningful ways, such as acting as key advisors, playing roles in training or coaching, acting as members of Fidelity Assessment Teams, etc.
  2. Linked leadership and implementation teams are working adaptively and collaboratively with staff and partners to ensure a supportive, aligned and transparent system of culturally responsive practice, services and supports.
  3. Local implementation teams are supported and sustained in handling ongoing responsibility for the day-to-day management of all CFPM activities, including:
    • Participating in ongoing internal and external communication and feedback loops for continuous coordination and improvement
    • Ensuring all staff and partners who have been trained in and are implementing the Practice Model receive ongoing behaviorally focused coaching supporting high fidelity use of the Practice Model
    • Ensuring that fidelity to the model is assessed by agency and community partner observer teams annually
    • Ensuring that fidelity results and other implementation data are considered in relation to outcome data and used for continuous quality improvement