Capacity Building & Installation

Capacity Building and Installation is the third CFPM building block. Once linked leadership and implementation teaming structures have been developed, there is important infrastructure in place for developing the capacity, resources and plans needed for implementation. This building block brings the work of the agency’s linked teaming structures into focus in building capacity for implementation and effectively installing the Practice Model.

“Partnership is not an event that occurs at one point in Practice Model development or implementation.

It is woven throughout the entire fabric of the agency’s capacity building, implementation, evaluation, and system change.”

​-CFPM Program Manual

Building capacity and installing the Practice Model involves local Implementation Teams working with agency leadership, staff and community partners to:

  1. Educate, prepare and meaningfully involve staff and partners in implementation planning, cross-system coordination, capacity-building and readiness activities activities
  2. Develop, adapt or enhance training and coaching curricula and service delivery plans in partnership with community and Tribal partners to support CFPM competency and integration and implementation of the model at all levels of the organization and system, building on local strengths, resources, strategic direction and needs needs
  3. Train and prepare practitioners’ supervisors, managers and executive leadership, and other coaches, in CFPM mastery, behaviorally focused coaching and other strategies to build competency at all levels of the organization and system in applying the Practice Model.


​The links below provides information and tools for building CFPM capacity in areas of key implementation drivers.

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