Youth Engagement Project

What is YEP?

The Youth Engagement Project (YEP) is a partnership between CFPIC and the California Department of Social Services to improve child welfare policies, programs and practices by building capacity for youth engagement at the state and local level.

YEP provides funding and support to counties to engage current or former foster youth on local projects designed to strengthen child welfare systems. These youth, called YEP Ambassadors, can engage with county coordinators in a variety of ways.

Some local and state YEP activities have included:

  • Outreach efforts to increase resource family homes available for teens
  • Creation of training for social workers on youth engagement strategies
  • Increasing engagement of foster youth in independent living programs
  • Participation in local and statewide policy and program development workgroups

To learn more about how the YEP program provides opportunities to strengthen youth engagement, view our new video HERE!

Contact Us!

The Youth Engagement Project at CFPIC currently partners with multiple counties in California to provide funding and program support to expand youth voice in child welfare systems. If you are interested in more information about YEP, please contact Margo Fudge at

If you’d like to request a youth ambassador to participate at your meeting or event, email