Shared Commitment

Share Commitment to the Practice Model is the second CFPM building block. Building on local partnerships with communities and Tribes, this building block focuses on ensuring readiness and supportive infrastructure for the Practice Model. Supporting the Practice Model must become a shared commitment and responsibility throughout the agency and its executive leadership, as an implementation team or lead manager cannot carry the burden of system-wide change.

Model Humility

Humility invites in essential perspectives and wisdom from staff and community.

Practicing humility does not mean that one’s perspective is not valuable; rather it demonstrates openness and understanding that others’ perspectives and commitments are equally valuable.

Shared commitment is demonstrated by local child welfare agencies, organizations, leaders and partners:

  1. Adopting the Child and Family Practice Model as the central framework for all interactions with children and families involved with the child welfare system welfare system
  2. Dedicating staffing resources to form and link local implementation and leadership teams that employ implementation science to “drive” successful implementation and support of the Practice Model locally locally locally
  3. Working continuously to:
    • Establish internal and external communication and feedback loops to intentionally connect Implementation Teams to practice and leadership levels
    • Identify, develop and support use of a broad culturally relevant service array responsive to the underlying needs of local children and their families
    • Align all parts of the system to support the practice and system changes reflected in the Practice Model