General Format

Each of the nine modules outlined in the snapshot has several components to reinforce learning and development over time. They are: eLearning, narrative content, learning activities, coaching, and preparation activities. 

ELearning Module Overviews

There are nine eLearning modules (some with multiple parts) that provide an overview of the content and a transfer of learning knowledge check. The eLearnings can be accessed as many times as needed.

Content & Activities

Each module contains content in the Participant Guide that provides an overview and description of the topic, as well as source materials that provide more complete information that can be read by the director. Content and source materials come from literature in the practice and academic worlds, subject matter experts, and training organizations that have been identified as useful by child welfare professionals in California and across the nation. There are also learning activities that include reflection questions and suggested exercises for the director. Most of the exercises will produce results that will be directly useful to the director’s job. Activities within each module are intended to support the learning objectives. Materials and activities will be reviewed and discussed during coaching sessions.

Coaching Structure

Coaching support will take place on a monthly basis (which may include two sessions) but may occur more frequently, depending on a participant’s learning needs. The coaching sessions will offer support and guidance within each module’s segments. Each coaching session will begin with a review of reading materials, learning activities, and the director’s professional development plan. Together the coach and director will examine the director’s learning needs in the topic area with the coach guiding the director to identify strengths, needs and action steps to increase subject mastery.

This is an intensive learning experience

The program is self-paced, but should take from nine to twelve months, with each module taking approximately thirty to forty-five days to complete. Program activities for each module include a review of content, one or more coaching sessions, and learning exercises. It is estimated that each module requires four to six hours of time per month, including the coaching session. It is essential that the coach assist the director in planning and scheduling individual learning time in addition to the coaching sessions.

Finally, this curriculum reflects the demands faced by the directors and as a result, this program is a very intensive learning experience.

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