Angelique Becerra

My name is Angelique Becerra and I’m currently majoring in child and adolescent development. I plan on working with foster children as a therapist in the future. My main goal is to help  teenagers in the system assess their needs and wants. Once being a teenager in the system myself, I understand the lack of access to hygiene items or appropriate clothing as a teen girl. Teenagers are often overlooked when living an ordinary life,  factoring in foster care it is easy to misunderstand the items that are a necessity to making life in the system more enjoyable. There is a plethora of access for younger children when it comes to clothing and enjoyable items like toys and bath products for children. You don’t really see many donations aimed at teenagers like receiving clothing, items for fun, or feminine/bath products that are designed to appeal to teens. This is a very personal goal because having experienced the lack of access to appropriate items designated for teen girls and boys made me feel less valued than the younger children. I want to build a comfortable environment that caters to their needs.