Christian Morgan

Christian Morgan is a recent graduate of UC Santa Barbara with a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences and minors in Applied Psychology and Music. Currently working as a Behavioral Health Residential Counselor at PathPoint in Santa Barbara, CA, he supports individuals with severe mental health diagnoses in pursuing the lives they choose.

Passionate about psychology, Christian aims to advocate for improved accessibility to behavioral health care, educational equity, and positive outcomes for foster youth. Interested in school psychology and neuropsychology, he hopes to make an impact through early mental health intervention.

In his free time, he enjoys playing the clarinet, playing PC games, and indulging in Star Wars, a nostalgic favorite of his. As a native of Southern California, Santa Barbara’s local community and beautiful beaches have grown on him while attending UCSB.

Next, Christian plans to pursue a master’s degree before applying to PhD programs in Clinical Psychology, fueling his dedication to mental health advocacy and bringing visibility to foster youth’s resilience and systemic challenges. Through psychology, diverse interests, and advocacy, he strives to promote mental health, facilitate equity, and empower foster youth.