Emily Hampson

My name is Emily Hampson and I am eager to work as a Youth Ambassador for CFPIC to tackle issues which have negatively impacted my life, as well as those who have experienced the foster system. I’d like to focus on how we can recruit more foster families and strengthen the relationship between foster parents and agencies to keep more homes in service which would combat frequent change in permanent placement. Access to mental health and substance abuse treatment for birth parents may also allow them to reenter their children’s lives, increasing chances of reunification. Necessary changes must be made in ensuring foster youth have adequate access to resources and support; the current system of reporting issues between foster youth, foster parents, and social workers need to be improved for the comfort and safety of the foster youth especially. Paperwork is prioritized over the actual foster youth in some cases. Regulations can be set to ensure that social workers have more time to spend one-on-one with their clients. To ensure the further progress of positive change made in the foster system, I believe that we should implement exit interviews for foster parents who decide to end their services to collect data on how agencies can better support future foster families.