Isaac Camorlinga

My name is Isaac Camorlinga and I am a YEP ambassador. I have been working for YEP at Mariposa County for a few months and have worked on some projects that have been beneficial for both the county and foster youth and resource families. I am a problem solver and I like to think outside of the box when there is a situation so that I can find the most convenient way to solve the problem. I enjoy working with groups of people and am a good leader who knows how to use everyone’s strengths to accomplish tasks. I have good communication skills when I am working with people and am an open minded person. I always look forward to learning new things and also hearing others opinions about the different topics we work on. I want to make a positive difference and a big impact on all the people associated with YEP across the state. I want to be a critical member of this team and achieve big things with this group.