Madisyn Arreola

Hello, my name is Madisyn Arreola and I am a 20 year old former foster youth in San Luis Obispo County. When I was thirteen my life was completely altered as one summer day I woke up having my parents and by the evening I was a foster youth. I was placed into the foster care system with my sister and one of my biggest worries was being separated from her. I believe it is greatly important to keep siblings together as they are all each other has during the very difficult situation. I am also very passionate about the reunification of parents and children as in my situation my mother did everything in her power to get us back but there were moments it felt no one wanted her to get us back. I am also passionate about Prevention and have been able to spend some time working with focus groups in my county. What I have experienced has pushed me to receive my education in hopes to become a social worker and help children and families in the foster care system.