Maritza AlcazarProviding Support to All Counties

I am hoping to work on helping siblings stay together in the foster system. This is something I am passionate about as I was separated from my twin sisters. I know how it feels to be pulled apart from the few people you know and are protective over while being in the foster system. Kids are being put into the system and being separated from their siblings without realizing that this is only hurting them so much more. I also hope to work on anything related to adoption, as my twin sisters were adopted while in foster care. My family and I had no clue that since my siblings and I were taken into the system, that my twin sisters were being considered for adoption. I wish I knew because I said goodbye without realizing it was goodbye. It has been 10+ years since I last saw them and that wound that it left me hasn’t begun to heal. I want other kids to know that they will be okay, I didn’t have anyone telling me that when I needed it the most.