Sophia Jeffe

My name is Sophia, and I am highly devoted to improving the educational outcomes of foster youth and other special populations. My young professional career has been focused on educational equity and access to higher education. As a TIP’s Trainer for VCOE, I helped facilitate training for educators and foster parents seeking a better understanding of the health outcomes of trauma-impacted youth. In this role, I gained invaluable knowledge about childhood adversity, its presence in schools, health outcomes, warning signs, triggers, and practical interventions to ensure every child’s equitable education. As a Foster Youth Services Coordinator, I have gained great insight into the challenges that foster youth face in their ability to successfully reach college preparedness, and for those who are, social, psychological, and basic needs issues may serve as obstacles in obtaining a 4-year degree. Given my experience, I am eager to work on any projects focusing on topics such as education and public health!