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“Being a part of YEP has opened many doors for me. The project has connected me with important people and organizations throughout the county. Through these connections, I have been able to volunteer at local events, participate in reformative discussions, and even been given guidance on pursuing my career path. I am looking forward to what the future holds during my time with YEP.”


Interested in becoming a Youth Ambassador?  You have come to the right place…

YEP Youth Ambassadors Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is YEP?

A: YEP is a partnership between the Child and Family Policy Institute of California and the California Department of Social Services to create transformational change and improve child welfare policies, programs and practices through the engagement and voice of youth leaders by building capacity for youth engagement at the state and local level.

Q: Is this a real job?

A: Yes. Youth Ambassadors are respected experts in the child welfare space based on their lived experiences. Youth are expected to work a set number of hours per week and are compensated for their time.

Q: Who is eligible to be a youth ambassador?

A: Any youth with lived experience within five years of leaving the child welfare system and a desire to work alongside the county and state to improve child welfare policies, programs and practices is eligible to apply to be a youth ambassador.

Q: Do youth ambassadors get paid?

A: Youth Ambassadors are compensated for their time and expertise, which includes a $125 quarterly stipend.

Q: What are the expectations for a youth ambassador?

A: It is expected that Youth Ambassadors participate in the county’s local project, including at- tending meetings, providing lived experience expertise, and completing project tasks as as- signed. At times, Ambassadors may also be asked to participate in state level meetings and activities. Ambassadors will also work with YEP staff to receive professional development and the opportunity to network with other Youth Ambassadors. Ambassadors are expected to maintain a professional and respectful demeanor and to be punctual and reliable.

Q: What is the process to apply?

A: Individuals who are interested can apply here.

Q: How long is the time commitment to be a youth ambassador?

A: At minimum, Youth Ambassadors should expect to work 10 hours per month. Youth Ambassadors should commit to working with YEP for at least one year.

Q: How much support do I get as a youth ambassador?

A: CFPIC provides support to Youth Ambassadors in a number of different ways including monthly meetings, check-ins with other Ambassadors, sponsorship to attend statewide convenings, and compensation for participation in special projects as requested. Professional development opportunities, including coaching and training, are provided to Ambassadors by YEP staff.

Read Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for YEP Youth Ambassadors.

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