Child and Family Enrichment Cabinet

In partnership with the Office of Child Abuse Prevention at the California Department of Social Services, CFPIC provides facilitation services for the Child and Family Enrichment Cabinet (formerly known as the Prevention Cabinet). Comprised of ten county Child Welfare Directors, the Cabinet have been meeting since 2018 with OCAP and Strategies 2.0 to explore ways that they can create a statewide movement to engage in community-based, cross-systems prevention planning efforts in all 58 counties across the state.

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Cabinet Counties:

Coming Soon: 2023 Annual Statewide Prevention Convening! A cross-sector team of prevention partners, including OCAP and Strategies TA, are currently planning a statewide virtual convening for May 2023. We will share more details as they become available.

Historic Efforts:

In 2019, a “Prevention Summit” was hosted to begin a planning process to strengthen families and communities in order to significantly reduce child abuse and neglect in California. The purpose of the summit was to spur a leap forward in our shared goals toward child abuse prevention and family well-being by convening cross-sector teams from select counties who are prepared to deepen their collaboration and commit to a shared strategy by:

  • Developing or strengthening a public-private partnership for strengthening families,
  • Beginning or strengthening a county-wide prevention plan, and
  • Committing to an ongoing collaborative process with clear action steps.

Moving Forward:

The Child and Family Enrichment Cabinet continues to plan events and outreach materials to help counties continue to advance their prevention planning efforts and to lay the groundwork for expansion to include the rest of California’s counties in these efforts.

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The vision, mission, strategies and activities of the Child and Family Enrichment Cabinet is outlined in their charter.

For counties interested in expanding community prevention planning efforts, OCAP has created Prevention Planning Team Orientation materials.